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General Whisky Infos

The Small Whisk(e)y Compendum © by "Konstantin Grigoriadis"  
( PDF, German, Size 64K )
Harry’s Independent Bottlers Quide V4.4 © by ”Harald Kirsch”
( PDF, English, Size 10M)
Das elektronische Whisky-Buch © by "The WhiskyStore"  
( PDF, German, Size 2,5M)
"W wie Whisky"-Buch © 2005 "Clemens Dillmann"  ( PDF, German, Size 1,2M )
"W wie Whisky"- Irish Whisky © 2005 "Clemens Dillman"  ( PDF, German, Size 700K )

Whisky and Health

Alcohol and Health by Prof. David J. Hanson, Ph.D. Sociology Department, State University of New York, Potsdam, NY 13676.  ( PDF, English, Size 120K )
Australian Alcohol Guidelines, Health Risks and Benefits.  
( PDF, English, Size 900K, 130 Pages ! )

Varius Stuff

Some of Scotland's Finest Malt Whiskies & Destilleries  ( PDF, Map, Size 180K )
Declaration of War to Whisky Fakers KONSTANTIN - Scotland and its Malt Whisky by Malt Maniacs' Konstantin